One of our all-time favorite pop stars is none other than Pink. Believe it or not, the kick-butt songstress has been on the music scene for an astonishing 23 years! (Do you feel old yet, because we do!). What we love so much about Pink, besides her incredible set of pipes and daredevil performance stylings, is the fact that she is so candidly outspoken, particularly when it comes to her own personal struggles and triumphs. She also does a heck of a job of using her platform to spread positivity.

But, while the longtime singer might seem like she has it all, there are times when even she has to deal with the worst of the worst–internet trolls.

Yep, practically every celebrity who is on social media deals with misguided hate and snarkiness from “fans” from time to time, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. And, lucky for us, Pink has a very good way of deflating the trolls that lurk behind anonymous social media accounts.

Case in point: this mean tweet posted in response to a recent photo of the pop star


Yep, we told you that people are pretty mean. But, really, Huachinango Refrito–that has to be the lamest insult we’ve ever heard. And, to make it worse, it’s not even grammatically correct!

Apparently, Pink, herself, had similar feelings about the ridiculous person hiding behind their screen and spewing hateful words. Here’s how the songstress decided to respond:

You must be from la. Well, there are a few people left in the world that choose to age naturally. And I’ve earned every f—–g minute of my 38 years. How you lookin though? Cause I never heard of ya til you put my name in your mouth. I shall call you little purple troll.

Daaaang, Pink! She really knows how to put people in their place, doesn’t she!

Predictably, Pink was meant with plenty of praise from her 32.3 million followers (for the record, the troll in question has roughly 400 followers, but who’s counting?), so she decided to post a follow-up to her sharp-tongued reply.

I am of the mindset that it’s a blessing to grow old. That if your face has lines around your eyes and mouth it means you’ve laughed a lot. I pray I look older in 10 years, cause that will mean I’m alive. 

Oh. Em. Gee. If only we could stop stressing over the small stuff and actually learn to embrace what we see in the mirror every morning. After all, the pop star is totally right–if you don’t look older, it probably means that you’re not alive.

Or, you’ve spent an ungodly amount of money on plastic surgery!

Either way, it’s not great.

If you can believe it, Pink will be celebrating her 40th birthday next year. We, for one, are so happy that she has continued to provide the world with killer music and a seriously strong point of view. You go, girl! You are a great role model to your beautiful daughter, and to the rest of us, too!

We’d love to hear your take on Pink’s amazing Twitter come-back. Are you surprised that she responded to the troll? Are you a fan of her response? Have you ever had to deal with a social media troll before?