If you’re a picky eater you know the struggle of well, eating! The more basic the better, food that’s touching makes you squirm, and oh yeah, get that piece of lettuce the heck away from the fries! What are you, some kind of monster?

Being a picky eater makes going out to eat or hanging out with friends pretty tough. You’re always getting told to “try something new, maybe you’ll like it!” or trying to order off a menu like, “hold everything, just give me a chicken finger.”

Don’t worry, there are lots of picky eaters in this world, and it’s time to unite! Here are some of the funniest, most true memes on the Internet that only picky eaters will resonate with.

  1. Restaurants are the bane of your existance

    If there’s no mac and cheese, then what are we even doing here?

  2. I’ll get no everything, please

    “So all you want is a piece of meat with nothing on it?” “Heck yes.”

  3. They don’t call it a picky eater for nothing

    It’s cause you have to pick off literally every single topping from your pizza

  4. Going over people’s houses causes so much anxiety

    What if I have to pretend to eat what she makes?! The HORROR.

  5. The worst three words you’ll ever hear “Try something new.”

    I’m NOT going to like it.

  6. But seriously, I am NOT going to like that new, gross food

    You’ve now put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day, THANKS.

  7. Family dinners are not very welcoming

    Mom, I told you 1,000 times I don’t want my gravy ON my turkey. And how dare you put the peas that close to the mashed potatoes!

  8. “Do you have a kid’s menu?” is a commonly uttered phrase

    Chicken fingers, please. Chicken fingers, always.

  9. Whenever someone tells you to “just pick off what you don’t like.”

    You think I haven’t already thought of that? Oh, the aftertaste!

  10. Did I mention food touching grosses me out?

    Like, I’d rather be dead, I think.

  11. When a friend invites you to dinner

    “Aren’t you hungry? You’ve barely touched your meal.” Me:

  12. The chicken fingers, though

    I shall die a noble death of Chicken Finger Overload.

  13. When someone tells you they don’t dislike a food

    picky eater memeprincessmangotree

    You’re joking, right? You HAVE to be joking.

  14. Details don’t matter until it’s a gross food

    picky eater memesomeecards

    ESPECIALLY an onion. Blech.

  15. Foods separately are fine, but mixing them…


  16. No one really quite understands

    So you find yourself having to lie a lot…

  17. Seriously, the lies don’t end

    Your nose is going to start growing (hopefully it keeps away gross foods from your mouth, anyway!)

  18. Everything you like is associated with kids

    But you really don’t care and flaunt your taste anyway.

  19. You’re secretly proud of your picky eater-ness

    …And you totally should be! Picky eaters, unite!

Are you a picky eater, or do you eat everything?