Here’s Why You Might Want to Try Putting Pickles In Cheap Beer

You may have heard of pickleback shots, but have you ever heard of sticking a pickle in your beer?

Let’s face it: Light beer isn’t always the best tasting. It’s, well, light, and somewhat flavorless, especially compared to other, more hoppy craft beers. However, light beer is almost always cheaper, plus it doesn’t’ always leave you bloated like some of the rest of them. So, you continue to guzzle it down, even though it doesn’t do much for your flavor palate.

Well, the Internet has come through once more to give us a way to enjoy all the benefits of light beer—and make it taste way better. Just put a pickle in it!

Now, before we explain what happens when you stick a pickle in your ale, know that if you don’t like pickles, you’re probably not going to like the taste of this. It does give it extra flavor, which comes from the brine of the pickle—but if you’re a pickle hater, it’ll probably remind you a bit too much of pickles to truly enjoy it.

That said, this hack isn’t exactly new, Back in 2017, Esquire spoke with Joe McClure of McClure’s Pickles, a Michigan company, to discuss pickles in beer and why exactly it makes a light beer taste better. He said that pickles help “because of the slight vinegar and salt notes that get picked up.”

Based on people posting their experiences with their “pickle beer,” we’ve come to the conclusion that pickles:

  • Adds flavor to the beer
  • Makes it less bitter and pungent
  • Makes it smell like pickles
  • Continues emitting flavor the longer it sits
  • Will make the beer fizz upon entry

Check out some of these people’s thoughts on adding a pickle to you beer below, and see if you too would want to do the same!


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We’re kind of excited to try this next time we crack open a light beer! What do you think about adding a pickle to your beer? What kind of beer would you try that in?