Sam Adams Will Give You a Free Beer If You Show Proof That You’ve Been Vaccinated

Many companies are doing their part to try to encourage employees and customers to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Some companies are paying their employees an extra bonus if they get vaccinated. Other companies are offering freebies to loyal customers.

The beer brand Sam Adams knows that it has been a long and unusual year. Getting vaccinated is a step forward towards safety and normalcy. It’s something to be excited about. It’s something to celebrate. That’s why Sam Adams wants to give a free beer to anyone who shows proof that they have been vaccinated.

What does proof of getting vaccinated look like? Sam Adams does not encourage anyone to share pictures of their vaccination card. Instead, they want beer drinkers to take a picture of their vaccination sticker or the bandage on their arm and post that picture to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ShotForSam. In return, customers will get $7 added to their CashApp account. This $7 can be used for a free Sam Adams beer at a bar or restaurant.

If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, make your appointment now. The Sam Adams beer giveaway starts on April 12th. You have to be at least 21 years old in order to qualify, and you have to have a CashApp account.

If you don’t want to share proof of vaccination on social media, that’s okay. There is another option. Instead of posting a picture to Twitter or Instagram, you can email a picture that proves you were vaccinated to [email protected]

Sam Adams is giving away free beer to encourage customers to return to their favorite bars and restaurants after they have been vaccinated for COVID-19. Their website explains, “Sam Adams hopes drinkers will get back to supporting the bars and restaurants they love. So if you get vaccinated against Covid-19, we’ll buy your first beer back!”

The #ShotForSam promotion ends on May 15, 2021 or after 10,000 free beers have been given away, whichever comes first.

Are you going to take Sam Adams up on their free beer offer? Have you received your COVID-19 vaccine yet? How do you plan on celebrating getting vaccinated for COVID-19?