If you ask a mom what she wants as a gift, chances are she’ll have some pretty large requests: A day of peace and quiet. Snacks she doesn’t have to hide. A moment to pee alone. A solo grocery store trip. The list goes on and on.

All jokes aside, whether she’s working full time or a stay at home mom, a single mom or a mom of five, every mom has days of stress where they just need a little boost. After all, being a mom is really, really hard.

Sure, you can offer to cook a meal here or there to help her out or even buy her the brand new diaper bag she’s been hinting at for months. Those are amazing gifts she’ll sure to be thankful for.

But if you just want to get her a little something—perhaps she had a long day at work or pulled gum out of Barbie’s hair for the last time—then consider a simple candle.

Okay, not just any candle. A candle with a funny saying on it that’ll turn her day right around.

We couldn’t stop laughing at this one below. Could this saying be any more true for a mom?

If you’re not a mom, you might raise an eyebrow. But if you are a mom, you totally get it. Not only have you totally felt personally victimized by your own child, you also can’t stop quoting Mean Girls now.

This amazing “Mom Life Be Like: I Feel Personally Victimized by My Own Child Candle” is made of 100% soy wax, phthalate-free and hand-poured in the USA. Plus, it comes in a pretty shade of pink so every time she looks at it, your friend will feel serene and happy.

Fragranced with essential oils, the candle burns and the mom relaxes. It’s a win-win for all.

“If ‘Zen’ were a fragrance, this would be it,” the company says of the candle. “Experience the earth, bark, and blossom of the Japanese Cherry Tree. Light this up and wind you’re a** down.”

Yes. Yes yes yes.

Available on Amazon for just $29, the candle is a total steal. Plus, there are lots of other phrases available that would be perfect for a stressed-out mom (or any female friend), including “Coffee Then Wine. It’s Lit,” “Girl, You Need to Calm The F Down” and more.

Ready to buy one—or a few? Head to Amazon to purchase the candle for the mom friend in your life (or even just yourself). If you have Prime, you can ship it directly to her house and it’ll arrive in just one or two days. How convenient is that?

Tell us: Do you know a mom who’d love this candle? Which saying is your favorite?