We love Costco for lots of reasons. With their great prices on everything from a family packs of nuts to diapers and even wine, there’s nearly nothing you can’t find at the popular warehouse—and without breaking the bank.

But besides ginormous bulk items and solid deals, there’s something else Costco is known for: Their house brand, Kirkland.

At first, Costco shoppers just threw Kirkland-brand items into their cart when they didn’t feel like paying full price for the name-brand item similar to the product. But besides value, what keeps them buying it is the quality they’ve come to find from many Kirkland products.

Whether you’re a longtime Costco member or a Costco newbie, it’s important to know that when you bur Kirkland, you’re getting a better price for a better product.

Here are 9 of the top Kirkland products you can find at Costco that are identical (or even better) than its name-brand counterpart:

  1. Maple syrup

    Buying maple syrup feels weighty on the wallet no matter what brand it is—it’s just always one of those products that’s going to cost a good chunk of your shopping budget. But Kirkland brand maple syrup has bar far one of the best prices—just $13.19 for a 33.8-ounce jug of organic Grade A pure maple syrup—plus its excellent quality.

  2. Eggs

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, eggs aren’t something that typically costs an arm or a leg, with a dozen grade A large eggs averaging a little over $1. However, organic or cage-free eggs skyrocket in price. At Costco, Kirkland cage-free eggs are sold in a 24-pack for just $3.49, and two-dozen organic extra-large brown eggs are just $5.99.

  3. Bacon

    To go with your eggs, grab some Kirkland-brand bacon while you’re at it. Four 1-pound packages of thin-sliced bacon is just $12.99 for or $10.99 for two 1.5-pound packages of thick-cut. Don’t worry, it crisps up well, whether on the stove or oven, and has a good hint of wood and smoke. I mean, it’s kind of hard to mess up bacon anyway, isn’t it?

  4. Quinoa

    For the health fiends out there, you know that a package of quinoa can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. Kirkland’s Signature Organic Quinoa 4.5-pound bag costs just 14 cents per ounce. (For reference, many brands are around 50 cents per ounce—that’s less than half the price!)

  5. Peanuts

    For another typically costly item, Kirkland saves the day again. A 40-ounce tin of Virginia-style peanuts costs $6.69! That’s right, under seven freaking dollars. We can’t calculate how much that is per peanut, but we know it’s al lot less than, well, ANY other brand, ever, and you don’t sacrifice quality at all.

  6. Olive oil

    Olive oil is one of those super versatile foods that you always need on hand—but typical grocery stores sell the stuff for way more than its even worth. At Costco, you can get a huge 2-liter bottle for just 16.99!

  7. Balsamic vinegar

    To go with that cheap olive oil, how about some cheap balsamic? A 33.8-ounce bottle of Kirkland balsamic vinegar goes for just $10.99. Plus, you know it’s high quality because it’s made in Modena, Italy, home of true balsamic.

  8. Butter

    From steak to brownies and everything in between, butter is an essential kitchen staple. You can get four pounds of Kirkland butter from Costco for the insane price of just $10.99.

  9. Peppercorns

    Sure, it takes a while until the pepper mill goes empty, but when it does, buying more is such a pain in the you know what—those little spicy balls of pepper are expensive! Good thing Costco has a 14.1-ounce jar for $4.99. That’s enough to possibly a few years!

Are you a Costco shopper? Are you a fan of the Kirkland brand? What’s your favorite Kirkland item that you swear by?