19 Parents Share Their Most Relatable Kid Bedtime Struggles

If you’re a parent, you know the struggle of bedtime. You know, the agony of getting your kid’s pajamas on, getting them to brush their teeth, and then getting them to actually sleep without asking for at least 16 glasses of water or approximately 102 storybooks read to them.

Let us parents unite about just how awful bedtime really can be. Below, 19 parents share their most relatable kid bedtime struggles. Get ready to laugh—and maybe cry, too.

  1. Made-Up Bedtime Songs

  2. Double Tantrums

  3. Sometimes iT literally Takes 12 Hours

  4. When You Play Reverse Psychology

  5. There Are Many Tears Involved

  6. Bribery Works Wonders

  7. They Don’t Want to Do Anything Until You Say The Magic Words

  8. The Angry “I Love You”

  9. The List That Never Ends

  10. The No Nap Wrath

  11. The Longest “One” Item There Was

  12. All of the Impossible Questions

  13. Prolonging Bedtime Stories…

  14. …Or Attempting to Skip Them Altogether

  15. Physics Are Involved

  16. The Struggle of Accidental Eye Contact

  17. One Viscous Cycle

  18. All. The. WATER.

  19. Dare to Dream

Are you a parent? What’s your bedtime struggle?