As little kids doing overnight visits with the grandparents, there were certain things found at their house that we thought were fancy. Among them were those tiny paper cups next to the bathroom sink.

At five or six years old, rinsing your toothpaste spit out with those cups was luxurious. While we’re sure there are plenty of people who use them in the bathroom, lots don’t.

Instead, we cup our hands multiple times, amass a collection of dirty cups by the sink, or do the kiddie move of sticking our heads under the faucet because no one’s watching. Things are changing thanks to the creation of the Tapi.

The Tapi is a small rubber device created by Dreamfarm that turns your faucet into a fountain with one squeeze! Attach it to your tap, turn the water on, and squeeze the bottom to redirect with water upwards. Sold in multiple colors, it’s an inexpensive way to rinse or drink when you need to. It can also come to the rescue if you need to flush your eyes out!

Made from rubber that’s safe for water, the Tapi is a hygienic alternative to dirty little fingers or germy cups. Just measure your faucet for compatibility by using the Tapi app and make your purchase.

To hear more about this innovative device, watch the video below. If you’re already on board with buying one, click here!


What are your thoughts on this nifty device? Do you want a Tapi to take the place of your bathroom cups or bottled water?