When we think of squirrels, we usually picture them running away from us. While we may see squirrels happily playing together outside or eating a piece of fruit that fell from a tree, if we get too close, that squirrel almost always runs away.

Apparently, some squirrels are a lot tamer than the ones we have encountered, and a lot thirstier. Reddit user thewrongun shared a video in which a squirrel is literally begging for water. The squirrel is following a man around with, and the squirrel has its arms up in the air just like a dog when a dog begs for food. In this case, the man is holding a water bottle, so the squirrel appears to be begging for water.

It may seem improbable that a squirrel would beg for water, but the video doesn’t lie. When the man lowers the water bottle to the squirrel’s level, the squirrel holds onto it and starts guzzling water until it drains the entire bottle. Yes, that squirrel probably drank its body weight in water.

If you don’t believe us that a squirrel would beg for water and drink from a water bottle, watch the video below to see for yourself.

Squirrel Asking For Water! from r/Eyebleach

Amazing, right? Many, many other viewers think so too. This video has gone viral with over 3.5 million views on Reddit alone, yet it has been shared to other social media platforms, like Twitter.

Over on Reddit, one comment reads, “Aww, poor thirsty baby! I remember reading that animals living in cities tend to have higher intelligence than their wild counterparts. Really interesting, but it makes sense. This squirrel has literally learned a way to communicate with humans to get what it wants. Pretty, pretty cute.”

On Twitter, many people are feeling compassion for the squirrel too.

This video is pretty amazing, and it makes us wonder just how thirsty other squirrels and wildlife are on these hot summer days. Perhaps we should go set a bowl of water outside.