This Organizer is Just What You Need If Your Cabinets Are Overflowing With Water Bottles

We love reusable water bottles and travel mugs. We have several favorites, and our kids have their own favorites. Sometimes it seems like these bottles multiply on the counter, and there’s definitely not enough room for them in the cabinets. We stack them in front of each other and end up knocking the ones in front over when we reach for the ones in the back. There has to be an easier way.

Now, there is. Someone has heard our cry for help. That someone is YouCopia. The brand has created a genius yet oh so simple way to organize our water bottles, travel mugs, and if you have babies in the house, you can also use it to organize baby bottles. 

The concept is simple – stacking shelves. The YouCopia UpSpace Water Bottle Organizer has white BPA-free shelves that easily snap together. The shelves are also adjustable so we can make sure they fit all of our bottles perfectly.

There are two size options for the bottle organizer. You can choose from a 2-shelf or 3-shelf design, whichever one suits your needs better. The YouCopia organizer holds 3 or 4 water bottles on each shelf. It really just depends on how big your bottles are. The organizer has non-slip feet, so you won’t have to worry about it sliding around in your cabinet. 

You don’t need to be handy or own special tools in order to put this nifty organizer together. The shelves simply snap into place. It couldn’t be easier!

Customers at Amazon seem thrilled with the concept of this organizer. One person wrote, “It feels like we doubled our useable space. It was hard to see what was actually on the shelf and made items in the back ridiculous to get to before. This rack solves those problems.”

Another comment reads, “This works great in my kitchen cupboard. My water/thermal bottles were forever falling down when I tried to get one from the back. This is a much better way of storing them and I don’t have to shuffle them around to get the one I want. The product is sturdy and I am very happy with it.”

Just like with all organizers, you can use them for other uses besides the use that was originally intended. As one picture on Amazon shows, you can even use this convenient organizer to organize your craft supplies like yarn and thread. This has us wondering what other ways we could put this organizer to use.


How do you organize your water bottles and travel mugs? Do you think this organizer from YouCopia would help you keep your cabinets organized?