Typically, when someone breaks into someone else’s home, it’s to steal things like money, jewelry, or other prized possessions. They usually have some pretty bad intentions.

Rarely, do burglaries happen when the person just wants to play with a dog and help make sure the house is neat and tidy. But one Ohio woman totally changed the game on breaking and entering. In fact, if we ever had to deal with someone invading our home, we home it’s as calm as this woman’s.

On May 6, 2019, a woman named Cheyenne Ewing allegedly broke into someone’s home in Hamden and did the weirdest series of events.

Reports say that Ewing entered the home through the back door without being invited in, and quite literally made herself at home: She sat down on the couch like it was her own, gave the dog a few pats on the head, and then got up to do all of the dishes. Then she just walked out like nothing ever happened.

The owners of the home said they have no idea who Ewing was, but that she was acting “very strange” (no kidding) when they came into contact with her.

As police were speaking with the victim whose home was broken in to, sheriff’s officials received a call that a woman, matching the same description of Ewing, was found knocking on doors in the same area. Maybe she just wanted to play with more dogs and clean more dishes for everyone in the neighborhood?

Of course, it’s unlikely that someone sober would be doing something this strange. Officials found that Ewing had appeared to be “under the influence of narcotics.” She also claimed to have been awake for two days. Yep, that’ll probably do it!

Ewing was taken to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail and charged with burglary, but she was not accused of stealing anything. She also had a bond hearing scheduled a few days later.

“At least she’s a friendly burglar, you know?” said Kevin Jordan, who lives in the home next to where Ewing was arrested. “She didn’t get mad or anything when they cuffed her up. I think that might have been the best thing to happen to her.”

There’s more strange acts: During her arrest, Ewing had also provided the deputy with a false name.

Have you ever had a burglar come to your house before? What would you have done if you came home to a stranger petting your dog and washing your dishes?