25 Unusual Baby Names You’ve Never Heard Of But Will Definitely Want to Steal

As you get ready to give birth to a baby, there are 8,000 things you need to do. Get the nursery together, register for baby gifts, and above all, choose a name!

You of course want to make sure the name is one that suits your child. But it can’t be too common—you don’t want Michael to meet 190 other Michaels in his life. And you don’t want Rachel to have to always refer to herself as Rachel plus her last initial.

You want something unique—but not too unusual. You don’t want something like Squire Sebastian Senator (which is a name this woman canceled her baby shower for because her friends and family wouldn’t stop judging that name).

We get it. You’re looking for a name that you’ve never really heard of, but one that still feels right. And we think we’ve found 25 of those.

The names you’re about to read are very unique, yet very beautiful. Scroll through and choose your favorite for the new little member of your family!

  1. Hensley

    How pretty is this moniker for your little girl?

  2. Gage

    Gage is a strong name for a strong young lad.

  3. Bexley

    Bexley could work for a boy or girl. It was derived from Old English byxe “box tree: + leah “woodland clearing.”

  4. Freya

    Not to be confused with Frieda, Freya is a nice alternate.

  5. Adley

    You may have heard of Addie or Addilyn, but Adley is a great way to make it more unique.

  6. Cale

    In Hebrew, Cale means dog or brave. In the Old Testament, Caleb was friends with Moses, and Cale is the shortened, more modern version.

  7. Kensington

    Just maybe don’t name your child this if your last name is “Palace.”

  8. Maisie

    A Scottish name, Maisie is the pet form of Mairead, which is the Scottish-Gaelic equivalent to Margaret. We think Maisie is a lot cooler though.

  9. Ronan

    Not Rowen, not Roman, but Ronan. Yes.

  10. Luna

    Luna was the Roman mythological goddess of the moon, so why wouldn’t you want to name your daughter that?

  11. Jaxton

    When Jaxson became super trendy, we tended to err towards Jaxton, which is more unique.

  12. Esme

    We find this French name so elegant.

  13. Auriela

    A lovely twist on Ariel.

  14. Xander

    This strapping young lad may come nearly last in the alphabet, but Xander is one of our favorites on this list!

  15. Hugo

    Of German origin, Hugo means “mind” so little Hugo is bound to be a smarty pants.

  16. Jade

    Jade is the name of a white or green stone, and we just adore it for a girl’s name.

  17. Ember

    Ember translates to “spark”—and we think she (or he!) will be the spark of your life.

  18. Poppy

    Recently becoming more popular, we still love this unique name for a girl.

  19. Rhett

    This Dutch name means “advice” so Rhett will probably be a great listener.

  20. Sutton

    Meaning “from the southern homestead,” Sutton would be the perfect southern belle (or wherever you live!).

  21. Larkin

    Larkin means “silent” or “fierce,” so this young man will probably be the strong silent type.

  22. Knox

    We can’t help but think Knox would pair well with any last name.

  23. Jett

    Short, simple, sweet, and subtle, Jett is definitely unique and lovely.

  24. Atlas

    Atlas is a name that came from the Titan in Greek mythology who held the heavens on his shoulders. Sounds like a strong name to us!

  25. Thea

    A Greek name meaning “goddess,” how can you go wrong?

Would you ever name your child one of these unique names? Which one is your favorite?