Woman Goes Viral For Multiple Attempts To Align Her Vehicle’s Gas Tank: “Oh No, She Did It Again”

Maybe it’s because we miss sports and routing for a team, but people definitely seem to be looking for someone to cheer for. One great example of this is a video on Reddit where a lady is struggling to park her car so that she can pump gas at a gas station.

It may not sound exciting. Under normal circumstances, maybe it wouldn’t be exciting. There’s no way to tell because these are not normal circumstances. 

The video was filmed by a couple who were inside their car at a gas station. Their narration of what is going on definitely adds to the hilarity of the video. Think of them as sports-casters, if you will. 

The video starts, and apparently, the lady they are filming has already been struggling to park her car at the gas station for a few minutes. 

She has her car parked such that the passenger side is next to the pump. She gets out of the car and looks at the car in surprise. The gas tank is not there. She seems to realize that it must be on the other side of the car. You would think it ends there. It doesn’t. 

The lady gets back in her car and drives it around to another pump. The couple in the car cheers her on and makes several suggestions about what she should do or could do to park her car correctly. If only she could hear them. Maybe it would help. 

She parks her car at a different pump, but the passenger side is still the side that is next to the pump. She gets out of the car, and we’re starting to get deja vu. She looks at the car and seems surprised that she has parked the car wrong yet again. 

The couple in the car desperately wants to help her. They discuss if they should tell her how to park her car correctly. Ultimately, they decide that yes, they should help. The lady who was filming the video gets out of the car. We can’t hear what she says to the woman trying to get gas, but we hope that it helps. 

The couple in the car seems nervous for the woman at the pump. Is she going to park the car correctly this time? Watch the video below to find out.

HMC While i try to pump gas from r/holdmycosmo

Over 2,000 viewers have commented on this video. One person wrote, “I was fully invested in this.” Honestly, we were too.

Some of the people who commented admitted to having had a similar experience at some point in their lifetime. In some cases, they were used to driving a car with the gas tank on the passenger side but were driving a different car with the tank on the driver’s side. They claim force of habit prevented them from “getting it” as quickly as they probably should have.

One comment reads, “If you’ve ever worked in a gas station before you know that you will see this happen several times a week but usually the customer figures it out after they move the car around the pump once.” 

Does it surprise you that having trouble parking a car correctly at a gas station is apparently pretty common?