Do you remember your first pet? Perhaps it was a cat, a dog, or a goldfish. We remember how attached we were to our pets when we were kids, and that’s probably true for most pet owners.

Betsy is no exception. She has had a pet chihuahua named Cupid ever since she was in third grade. Betsy is now in college, but thankfully she lives in a pet-friendly apartment and was able to bring Cupid with her.

While many pet owners buy dog beds for their furry friends or even let them cuddle next to them in their own beds, Betsy took things a step further

Betsy happened to have an unused closed in her apartment, but she didn’t leave it unused for long. She thought of a creative and absolutely adorable use for it. She turned it into Cupid’s bedroom.

The closet looks quite small, but when you’re a chihuahua, it’s certainly big enough. Betsy didn’t buy a dog bed for Cupid. Instead, she repurposed an old doll bed, and Cupid seems to like it just fine. 

Since Cupid’s bedroom is a closet, it makes sense that all of his outfits are in the closet as well, neatly hung up on one side of the closet. 

Did you notice in the pictures all the homey touches that Betsy added to Cupid’s bedroom? He has a cute wall hanging that reads “Live Love Woof.” His name is on a plaque over his bed. There’s even a rug on the floor. 

When it came time to decorate for Christmas, Betsy didn’t forget about Cupid’s bedroom. He even has his own Christmas tree that’s decorated with ornaments and a star on top. 

The only possible downside to this bedroom setup is that Cupid has to share his room. That’s right; he has a roommate. You see, Betsy also has a pet turtle named Caru.

Since Caru is in a tank on a shelf, we doubt that the two pets come into contact with each other too much. Maybe Cupid thinks Caru is his pet turtle. 

This closet turned dog bedroom is the cutest thing we’ve seen all day. We don’t have an empty closet at the moment, but we might have to clear one out so we can create our own version of this adorable dog bedroom.

If you have pets, where do they sleep? Would you ever consider creating a bedroom for them like Betsy did?