Do you remember when you started kindergarten and it seemed like years and years of school stretched before you? Twelve years of school plus kindergarten, so 13 total years feels like an eternity when you’re only 5 years old.

Then, as the years go by, you suddenly find yourself in high school with way fewer years ahead of you than behind you, but your hard work is really just beginning if you’re college bound. You register for the AP classes. You sign up for extra-curricular activities that look good on a college application. You strive to keep the best grades.

Senior year especially can be a stressful time. You have to take the SATs, ACTs or both and start the college application process. You hope that all your hard work from the previous years has paid off. Maybe you’ll even get a scholarship.

You wonder how many schools to apply to. What if you don’t get into your top school, or even your second or third choice school?

Kayla Willis is a high school senior in Georgia. She wasn’t taking any chances when it came to making sure she got into a good college with a scholarship. She has a 3.96 GPA and an 1160 SAT score.

How many colleges did you apply to? We’re guessing that Kayla applied to more than you did. She applied to 50 total schools. Her hard work filling out all of those applications certainly paid off.

Her high school has a hallway known as “senior hall” where a picture of each senior is on display. Hanging under each picture is a plaque for each school the student was accepted into. The plaques also include any scholarship information.

Kayla has 31 plaques hanging under her picture in “senior hall.” That’s right. She was accepted by 31 colleges, and in total, she was offered $900,000 in scholarships.

Kayla didn’t want to make a big deal about her long list of college acceptances, but her friends and family encouraged her to be proud of her accomplishments and share the good news with the world. So, she did.

In a tweet, Kayla wrote, “i kinda didn’t want to post this, but someone said ‘the whole world needs to know how great you are’ so here we go twitter!” She included a picture of her photo in “senior hall.”

Since she posted this picture, it has been retweeted over 33,000 times and liked over 149,000 times.

Many people in the comments asked which school she chose to attend. Kayla responded, “I will be attending Fisk University in Nashville, Tennesseeo# on a full ride scholarship.”

Congratulations, Kayla! It’s hard to beat a full ride!

Keep in mind that although Kayla was accepted to 31 colleges and even received a full ride, she did apply to 50 total colleges. That means she was not accepted into 19 colleges. If you’re in high school or know someone who is, it doesn’t hurt to apply to a bunch of schools. You never know which one might offer you a great scholarship.