Secrets aren’t always a bad thing. They’re not always diabolical, heartbreaking, or shady. Sometimes they are pure fun, inciting giggles, happy tears, and excitement. Those are the kinds we learn of when it’s time for special occasions, holidays, or major accomplishments! Woo hoo!

Good secrets often take a lot of energy to hide. That’s because they take a lot of time to plan. Think of a happy secret you kept. Did it involve others to pull it off? How long did you have to keep up an act? If you’re not good at lying, it probably took everything in you to keep a straight face and your lips sealed.

Christmas is definitely one of those occasions when secret-keeping is an art. Hiding things, explaining your whereabouts, or speaking in code is all part of the fun. Sounds like a spy movie or an impending bad breakup, right? You learn to master the art in order to keep your recipient guessing.

For the little girl in the video below, her parents accomplished their mission after what took weeks of planning. She was lucky enough to get one of the major items on her Christmas wish list: a puppy! She wished for her stuffed animal, Luna, to become a real dog. Getting a puppy as a surprise is hands down one of the best experiences ever. But giving one has to be just as exciting.

Watch as Daisy sits on the sofa cuddling her stuffed puppy, telling her father her Christmas wish:

“I wish that Luna was a real puppy. . .”

Image of girl with stuffed dog.Sarahdoos

Daisy is instructed to keep her eyes closed and to be still, until her dad says to open them. As she hugged toy Luna tightly in her arms, mom reached in to try to swap out stuffed Luna for the real thing. She wasn’t sneaky enough because Daisy couldn’t keep her eyes shut.

Wrapped with a big red bow around its neck, Luna 2.0 was handed to Daisy. Cue the jaw drop and “Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww Mommy! Mommy!” The initial shock for Daisy was pure joy, but you have to watch her entire reaction. Totally priceless. The whole time the little pup’s looking at the girl like, “What in the world is going on here?” Somewhere in the middle of all of it, Daisy let her parents know this was the best Christmas ever. Aw!

I remember being 7 years old when my sister and I got our first puppy. We were summoned outside on a summer day, and some strange lady climbed out of a car smiling. She laid a little Yorkie on the grass and we went ballistic. Good times! Our parents couldn’t stop laughing.

Watching Daisy receive her lovable gift will have you smiling, crying, or a mix of both. Congrats to her on gaining a new friend for life. What awesome parents she has to keep such a sweet secret! Do you remember getting your first pet, and was it a surprise? How did you react? Tell us in the comments!