23 Photos of McDonald’s From The ’80s and ’90s That Are Reminding Us How Things Were

McDonald’s is one of those places that we grew up with. As children, we didn’t want to go to a fancy restaurant. We just wanted a toy in our Happy Meal, and we wanted to play in the playplace. McDonald’s was everything we could want including an ice-cream cone to finish it all off.

Some things have not changed about McDonald’s since we were children. For example, kids still love the toys in the Happy Meals, and they love playing in the playplace. Yet, there are quite a few things that have changed since the ’80s and ’90s that you may not even remember.

These pictures of McDonald’s from the ’80s and ’90s just might jog your memory. We know we’re feeling nostalgic just looking at them. Scroll down to take a trip down memory lane.

  1. Ronald McDonald’s Gang

    It’s all about Ronald McDonald now, but back in the day, he used to have quite a few friends.

  2. The Playplace

    Who remembers when McDonald’s playland looked like this? Memories… from r/nostalgia

    The playplace used to look a lot different.

  3. The Floor

    The floor of every 90s McDonald’s from r/nostalgia

    The floor looked exactly the same in every single McDonald’s.

  4. The Cookies

    These cookies from McDonald’s!!! from r/nostalgia

    Do you remember these cookies and the matching cookie boxes?

  5. Ronald McDonald Sitting on a Bench

    Ronald McDonald bench that was popular around McDonald’s establishments until sometime around the early 2000s. from r/nostalgia

    There’s probably a picture of us somewhere sitting on one of these benches.

  6. Nostalgic Toys

    McDonald’s toys from 1987

    Do you remember any of these retro toys?

  7. Styrofoam Containers

    Styrofoam McDonald’s containers from r/nostalgia

    We never used to think anything about getting our food packed in styrofoam.

  8. The Hamburger Stools

    McDonald’s burger seats from r/nostalgia

    Just looking at this picture almost transports me to sitting on one of these stools.

  9. McDonald’s Igloo Cooler

    Did you ever see one of these coolers at a sporting event?

  10. Drive-Thru Menu

    McDonald’s drive thru menu in the 80s from r/nostalgia

    It’s almost hard to remember fast food menus before the digital age, but here you go.

  11. Twist Cones

    McDonald’s twist cones from r/nostalgia

    Besides a Happy Meal, this was always my favorite part about going to McDonald’s.

  12. Ashtrays

    These old amber glass ashtrays that everyone had (including McDonald’s!) from r/nostalgia

    Remember when McDonald’s had ashtrays?

  13. Birthday Parties

    McDonald’s Birthday Parties… Complete with ash trays on the tables for a good smoke after a Happy Meal. from r/nostalgia

    Did you ever have a birthday party at McDonald’s? Yes, there were even ashtrays on the tables.

  14. Retro Decor

    Our McDonalds hasn’t changed since I was little from r/nostalgia

    It doesn’t get much more retro than this.

  15. Beanie Babies

    McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Babies

    Getting a beanie baby in a Happy Meal was a big deal.

  16. Ronald McDonald Bench in Walmart

    Does anybody remember when Walmart had McDonald’s and the Ronald McDonald bench? from r/nostalgia

    Our local Walmart still has a McDonald’s inside, but it doesn’t look anything like this!

  17. More Old-School Chairs

    Those food-shaped chairs from the McDonalds kids playrooms in the mid 90s from r/nostalgia

    We wish McDonald’s would bring these back.

  18. Fischer Price McDonald’s Toys

    Fisher Price McDonald’s play toys from r/nostalgia

    This play food upgraded any play kitchen.

  19. Transformers in Your Happy Meal

    McDonald’s Happy-meal Transformers. When McDonald’s was considered a treat. Thanks Mom! from r/nostalgia

    Do you remember these cute transformers that look like McDonald’s food?

  20. More Playground Fun

    Back In The Day McDonald’s Playground from r/nostalgia

    We remember playing in a playplace that looked like this. Do you?

  21. Tray Liners

    This McDonalds tray liner from the 1990s

    These tray liners bring back so many memories.

  22. Seasonal Happy Meal Buckets

    A Happy Meal wasn’t always in a box.

    McDonald’s seasonal happy meal buckets from r/nostalgia

  23. Apple Pies

    McDonalds fried apple pies with the bubbly, crispy outside from r/nostalgia

    One of these apple pies was always an extra special treat. McDonald’s still has apple pies, but they don’t taste the same. That bubbly crust was something special.