You learn a lot of safety measures in elementary school—you know: look both ways before crossing the street, make sure to stop when a school bus has their “stop sign” out, and oh yeah, be sure to watch out for charging deer when walking in a parking lot.

Okay, that last one never quite made it to a top list of safety guidelines, but it probably should be added after one man got trampled by a deer while he was walking to his car in a North Carolina McDonald’s parking lot.

His name is Ken Worthy, and yes, he is okay—thankfully. But the trampling sure caused a shock to himself and everyone else who witnessed the attack (which is basically the whole world, as it was caught on a surveillance video).

Worthy was walking out of McDonald’s with his wife, Deanne, when the deer came out of absolutely nowhere, charging at Worthy with full force. After crushing him and taking him to the ground, he ran off in the other direction.

Deanne ran over to him after the event to make sure he was okay, but everything happened so fast and it was so hard to tell what had even happened! In fact, when Worthy tries to go through the series of events that occurs, he struggles to even explain it.

“It was absolutely nuts,” Worthy said. “It was just a bit of brown, and then I saw his face, I was down on the ground — that quick.”

Worthy is a retired detective, so he has dealt with wild animal attacks before—but even in all his years on the force, he’s never seen something like his.

Worthy says he’s just grateful that he was able to come away unscathed—as well as his wife, and his kids, who were already in the car before the deer came at him.

“It wasn’t my wife,” he said. “It wasn’t kids in the parking lot. It could have been worse. We’re very blessed.”

It’s always good to see the silver lining! Life can really come at you fast sometimes, but he Worthy has one piece of advice for anyone who ever encounters something similar to what he did: Hold tight to your coke!

“Life is crazy sometimes. God is good ALL the time! Not injured. PS: Didn’t spill my coke!” he said.

To see the video of Worthy get trampled by a deer as well as a news report about it, check out the video below!

Do you know anyone who has gotten attacked by a deer before? How about in a parking lot?