Children are a blessing. They help us see the world through innocent eyes that are just discovering everything for the first time. Children also give parents an excuse to watch kids TV shows and go to places like Disney World without feeling silly.

Some people know from the time they are children that they want to have children of their own when they grow up. Other people choose not to have children.

While it might be difficult for people who have always wanted children to understand why someone wouldn’t want to have children of your own, there are quite a few very valid reasons. First of all, children are a lot of work, they take a lot of time, and they are expensive. 

Reddit user Yuckoz asked, “What’s your main reason for not wanting children?” The answers are at times hilarious amusing and at times very enlightening. Scroll down to hear why these 13 people have decided they never want to have children.

  1. Disabled

    Reddit user Ultra-Duck shares:

    “I am quite severely disabled and don’t want a child growing up with the same pain I feel on a daily basis.”

  2. It’s a BIG Commitment

    From Reddit user virtual_GH0ST:

    “The idea of being in charge of another human being, scares me. It seems like a lot of things can inadvertently go wrong, even if you try your damn hardest to be the best parent you can possibly be. I mean, just take a look around you, at your peers or even at yourself. Pretty much no one comes out of their childhood unscathed. You got humans raising humans, so there’s bound to be mistakes made along the way. It’s a lot of responsibility. It’s a lot of time and it’s a lot of money. More power to the people who choose to become parents but I wish more people took the time to better understand the full commitment that they are about to embark on for the rest of their lives. When you become a parent, you no longer live your own life, your life now revolves around making sure that you are providing the best possible life for your child. It can mean a lot of sacrificing to ensure that your child has a better life. For many people, just because they can have a kid, it doesn’t mean that they should. That’s my two cents. “

  3. No More Peace and Quiet

    Reddit user Mrkvica16 shares:

    “Amongst other things, I really really need peace and quiet, and space to not talk to anyone. I don’t think that makes a good parent for small humans.”

  4. Pregnancy

    Reddit user ohnoallie shares:

    “I don’t ever, ever, ever want to go thorough pregnancy. It’s terrifying to me. Also I just don’t think I’d be a good parent. I’m still recovering from my own childhood; I shouldn’t be responsible for someone else’s.”

  5. My Life

    Reddit user 01kaj10 keeps it short and sweet:

    “I like my life being mine.”

  6. Mental Illness

    CaaaaakeRose adds:

    I feel like I’d ruin them. I feel like od be an awful mother and make my child grow to resent me. I feel like I would completely fail a small human, or at the very least my self hatred would be reflected onto them and they would feel less loved and valued because of my mental illnesses.”

  7. Today’s World

    Reddit user Kaidecakai explains:

    “I cannot imagine guiding a child through today’s everything. Social media, the political landscape, environmental factors. And I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t have the energy to keep up with a 2 year old.”

  8. You “Waste” Years of Your Life

    Reddit user DeadliestSaiyan has a strong reason:

    “Main reason? You waste 20 years of your life and waste so much money just for them. Makes me wonder how parents currently do it.”

  9. Prefer Adoption

    Twisterlord adds:

    “Why give birth to another child when there are already countless suffering in adoption centers?”

  10. So Many Reasons

    Reddit user foxtailavenger has quite a few reasons:

    “The environment is only gonna get worse tbh, the competition in schools and the workplace as well. Also, children are expensive and it’s a little hard to travel the world for months when you have kids around. And I guess kids seem like they could turn out nasty too easily and I don’t really wanna deal with that. That’s probably about all the reasons.”

  11. Too Gross

    CheetahDust commented:

    “Children are gross. I don’t like gross things.”

  12. I Can’t

    No1isReallyBeautiful shares probably the best reason:

    “I’m biologically unable to, so I chose not to want what I can’t have.”

  13. They Might Be Too Much Like Me

    Reddit user blobbbeee commented:

    “I was an annoying kid and I don’t want to deal with my self.”