In light of the coronavirus outbreak in many areas of the world, restaurants of all kinds have been limited to narrowing their services down to only takeout and delivery. That means no patrons are allowed to have a sit-down meal in any facility.

While many restaurants had to get used to these new services, fast-food joints like McDonald’s has always offered efficient food pick-up with their drive-thru services. There’s just one problem, however: The trucks who can’t fit through the small space!

During a normal time period, truck drivers with large vehicles who wanted to use the drive-thru simply walked up to the window. But of course, this isn’t a safe practice right now. So what’s a Big Mac-craving truck driver to do?

Don’t worry, McDonald’s saved the day. The fast-food chain has just announced that they will be offering curbside service to any truck drivers who can’t fit through their drive-thrus.

To get their order, all they have to do is download and use McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app. Then simply select the “curbside service” option and head to the designated trucker curbside sign found on the sidewalk or door of the location.

When they enter their trucker curbside number, an employee will emerge from the restaurant hand-deliver the order straight to them. Brilliant.

“Know that we’re doing everything we can to be there for you as long as we can. We’re in this together,” said Bill Garrett, Senior Vice President, Operations, McDonald’s USA, in a statement.

The app isn’t just useful during a pandemic—it offers many convenient options, from finding great deals and coupons to placing your order ahead of time to quickly re-ordering your favorite meals if you’re a frequent McDonald’s goer.

What are your favorite places to get takeout or delivery during this pandemic? How amazing have restaurant employees been throughout this uncertain time?