In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak that’s rapidly spreading throughout the United States and other countries, many sit-down restaurants have unfortunately been forced to close their doors. This has led to a huge decline in the restaurant industry overall.

However, on the bright side, fast-food joints (or any restaurant that offers takeout) are still able to offer food to their communities—just as long as they steer clear and don’t dine inside.

Burger King, of course, meets those guidelines. But instead of just offering up their standard burgers and fries through their takeout windows, they wanted to do something a little extra special for their customers in this time of uncertainty.

From March 20 onward, Burger King has announced that they will be offering two free kids’ meals along with any purchase you make through the Burger King app.

The offer applies for anyone grabbing takeout from the joint or using their drive-through window in every location that’s open int he United States. The offer will run through April 6.

In addition, Burger King is also offering free delivery through their mobile app on orders $10 or more, if you’d rather get your food delivered directly to your home and not chance going out.

It’s true that every little bit helps—especially for families struggling financially or having to entertain their kids while they’re working at home during the outbreak—and it’s nice to see some positivity among all of the negativity. A financial burden lifted for the parents, plus a new toy to play with (and a delicious meal to eat) for the kids. Way to go, Burger King!

What do you think about Burger King offering this deal for families? What other ways can we do something nice for others and pay it forward during these scary, unprecedented times? And, most importantly, what will you be ordering from Burger King this week and next?