Actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik may be the new host of the game show “Jeopardy!” for spin-offs and specials, but that doesn’t mean she’s always serious. Far from it. The actress will always be a comedian as well.

On TikTok, Bialik decided to try out a filter that made her followers laugh along with her. It was clear from the video she bravely posted that she found this filter both hilarious and horrible. She captioned the post, “Worst trend to try ever. Ever ever. Ever.”

The filter Bialik tried out was the old face filter which is supposed to instantly transform you to look older. In Bialik’s video, she can’t even speak she’s so in shock. All she manages to get out are a few laughs.

She does look pretty unrecognizable. One follower wrote, “I’m sorry, I was like… who is this sad disappointed lady and what filter let her down? then…I seen the name. Not you boo… those lines lie!”

Another comment reads, “Looks like you’ll be an adorable gramma.”

See Bialik’s TikTok using the old face filter in the video below.

@mayimbialikWorst trend to try ever. Ever ever. Ever. 😫🤣##oldfacefilter♬ original sound – Mayim Bialik

Bialik’s fans are loving the noises and expressions she made while using the filter. They think it fits perfectly with the old lady look. One fan explained, “omg the noises you are making in this video goes with the granny look.”

Another follower wrote, “It’s the restrained laughter for me…nice Mi, nice.”

Bialik isn’t the only one who has tried out this aging filter. Many fans shared their own experience with the actress. One fan wrote, “Did this and saw my mom. Never clicking on it again.”

Another fan commented, “At least you look changed… I didn’t look much different.”

Other fans commented that they don’t plan to use this filter. One comment reads, “Too afraid to try, but you look older not terrible.”

Another person straight up commented, “I refuse to use it.”

Are you brave enough to try the old age filter? If you did, would you be brave enough to post it? What do you think of Bialik’s reaction to seeing herself with the filter? Do you think the filter makes her look like a cute old lady, or do you think it’s completely unflattering.