Fans Are Calling for Mayim Balik to Be the Permanent Host After Her Debut on ‘Jeopardy!’

The game show “Jeopardy!” is searching for a new host to replace the late Alex Trebek. Trebek was well liked and well respected, so he definitely leaves behind some big shoes to fill.

In order to find a new host, the executive producers of “Jeopardy!” are auditioning new potential hosts by letting them guest host the show for a week or two. Many notable people have already had the opportunity to host the show including GOAT winner Ken Jennings. Even one of the show’s producers, Mike Richards, took a turn at the podium.

Fans have loved several of the show’s guest hosts, but they haven’t loved anyone more than Mayim Balik. Balik is set to guest host the show for 2 weeks, but it only took one episode for fans to call for her to be the next permanent host of “Jeopardy.”


While you may know Balik best from her roles on the ’90s show “Blossom,” and more recently as Amy Farrah Fowler on the show “The Big Bang Theory,” Balik is much more than an actress. She is also an academic. As she mentioned in her monologue during the first show, she has a PhD in neuroscience.

In a host exclusive interview, Balik explained that she feels honored to be able to host “Jeopardy!” She said, “I can’t imagine not wanting to do anything involved with ‘Jeopardy!’ This is such an iconic and unbelievable piece of our collective culture. To be considered to be a part of it, really in any way, is an immense honor, especially for someone who’s dedicated so much of my life to academia, to knowing things and to being able to communicate things.”

Do you think Mayim Balik should host “Jeopardy!” permanently? Who has been your favorite guest host so far?