People Are Going Nuts Over This Video of a Dad Who “Doesn’t Change Very Many Diapers”

Babies may be cute, but they sure put their parents through a lot of work. Parents, obviously, have to do literally everything for their babies. From feeding them and burping them to diaper changes and rocking them to sleep (sometimes in the middle of the night), it can be downright exhausting.

You’d think things would get easier as babies become toddlers, but that’s often not the case. Toddlers still need their parents to do just about everything for them, but toddlers are more mobile than babies, which means they squirm a lot more and can literally run away from their parents.

One dad, Phil, recently found out just how hard it is to change a toddler’s diaper. His wife, Mikayla, filmed a video of her husband changing their son’s diaper, and it is hilarious. The little boy is literally doing headstands while his dad gags at the smell of his son’s poopy diaper. Mikayla tries not to laugh.

At the end of the video, Phil calls for his wife to help him. That’s probably why the video ends when it does. She posted the video on Facebook with the caption, “Obviously Phil doesn’t change very many diapers lol.” 

Currently, Mikayla’s video of her husband has been shared more than 824,000 times. Obviously parents everywhere can relate to this hilarious and all-too-common parenting experience.

We can only imagine how the conversation between Phil and Mikayla went before he agreed to change their son’s diaper. She obviously knew it was going to be hilarious, or she wouldn’t have started recording.

Watch this video for yourself, and prepare to laugh. If you have kids, you’ll probably be able to relate. If you don’t have kids yet – get ready; this is all too real!

Have you ever had such a hard time changing your child’s diaper? Can you relate to Phil’s experience?