If you’re married, you probably know that sometimes you and your spouse don’t agree on what’s stylish, or maybe your spouse simply doesn’t care if he or she looks stylish or not.

Let’s be honest; it’s often the husband who at least pretends like he doesn’t care if he looks stylish or not. Am I right, ladies?

Women’s clothes have subtle changes and not so subtle changes that happen from year to year and season to season. Many women like to shop, so it’s not really an issue keeping up with the times.

Sure, we can all get stuck in a rut or cling to a style that was popular when we were in high school and has since become outdated, but women are probably more likely than men to have some newer, updated looks in their wardrobe.

The problem is when we keep everything and don’t know what to throw away. Thankfully, Marie Kondo has helped us purge our closets big time.

Back to the men. They really only have a few clothing options – pants (including jeans), shorts, button down shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts. We’re sure we’re leaving a few out, but those are the basics. It doesn’t seem that complicated.

As Clinton Kelly said, “Straight men can be really stubborn.” John is one of those men.

You see, John refused to wear pants. That doesn’t mean that he was walking around in his boxers. No, he wore shorts instead.

That might not seem so strange if he lived in a place like Hawaii or Florida, but John lives in Philadelphia. It gets really cold in the winter there, but he still stubbornly wore shorts even when shoveling snow.

John’s wife knew about his shorts-only wardrobe before they were married. When they got married, he even had his tuxedo pants altered so that they were shorts. That’s right; he got married in shorts.

John also likes to dye his hair bleach blond. His wife is a hair stylist, and she said, “His hair is an issue. We never argue until I do his hair.”

The shorts and hair must not have bothered John’s wife at first, but after years of nagging him to wear pants and change his hair style, enough was enough. She turned to the Rachael Ray Show and Clinton Kelly for help.

Watch the video below to see if Clinton Kelly was able to convince John to put on a pair of pants and change his hair style.

Do you know anyone who is very stubborn about wearing something that doesn’t make sense, like shorts in the middle of a snow storm?