With every big news event in the world comes a few skeptics. And since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has been quite the big news event, of course, there has been plenty of people rioting or claiming that the whole thing has been a hoax.

However, those are typically the people who don’t know what’s coming to them.

Case in point: Meet Brian Hitchens. Brian, who lives in Florida, was not too happy about all of the restrictions that were put in place in light of the outbreak. He referred to coronavirus as a “fake crisis” and that it was completely “blown out of proportion.”

“I thought it was maybe the government trying something, and it was kind of like they threw it out there to kinda distract us,” Brian said. “I’d get up in the morning and pray and trust in God for his protection, and I’d just leave it at that. There were all these masks and gloves. I thought it looks like a hysteria.”

Since he didn’t believe in the risks coronavirus could bring, he didn’t take many precautions, and, sadly, he ended up contracting the virus, along with his wife, and falling pretty ill. In fact, the two

Getting coronavirus has certainly caused Brian to change his opinion about whether he believes it’s still “fake.” Spoiler alert: He’s now aware that coronavirus is very real.

Brian took to Facebook to write about his experience. Fortunately for Brian, his case wasn’t too bad, but his wife isn’t fairing so well.

“I started feeling better within a few days but my wife got worse to the point where they sedated her and put her on the ventilator,” he said. “After 3 weeks I have come to accept that my wife may pass away.”

His post was to help warn other skeptics not to fall into the same trap he did. “Many people still think that the coronavirus is a fake crisis which at one time I did too and not that I thought it wasn’t a real virus going around but at one time I felt that it was blown out of proportion and it wasn’t that serious,” he wrote.

A the end of his post, he admitted he was wrong, and warns others that they don’t have to be like he initially was. “Think about what I wrote and think about if this thing is a fake crisis,” he said. “Looking back I should have worn a mask in the beginning but I didn’t and perhaps I’m paying the price for it now but I know that if it was me that gave it to my wife I know that she forgives me and I know that God forgives me.”

We’re hoping that Brian, and especially his wife, are able to make a full recovery.

To hear more from Brian himself on his initial thoughts as well as his journey with COVID-19, check out the video below.

Do you know anyone who has questioned coronavirus being real? What would you say to that person?