Do you like going on cruises? It truly is a wonderful way to vacation. We can’t think of any other experience like it. You get to enjoy the food, entertainment and many activities on board while traveling from port to port. It’s magnificent.

Yet, cruises have a downside. With so many people in such close quarters for such a long time, the chances of getting sick can be a little disconcerting. 

The chances of getting sick on a cruise have never been on our minds more than now, during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re very aware of multiple cruise lines where passengers tested positive for COVID-19 and were thus quarantined onboard for weeks. Do you remember the Diamond Princess? Do you remember that Carnival Cruise ship that was docked outside Rome, Italy? What about the World Dream cruise ship owned by Genting? Haven’t heard of that one?

Genting owns cruise ships based out of Asian countries, so many people in the U.S. have not heard of them. One of their cruise ships, the World Dream, experienced a coronavirus outbreak around the same time as the Diamond Princess. Now, Genting is setting the new standard for what post-pandemic cruising might look like.

There are quite a few changes that Genting has already announced, and these changes start before you even board the ship. Temperature screening will be mandatory before embarking. Arrival times will also be staggered to limit the number of passengers who show up at the same time.

Once on board the ship, guests will notice additional changes. There will no longer be self-serve buffets. There will be more space in guest seating areas, and disposable silverware will be available on request. Entertainment venues and coaches for on-shore excursions will be limited to 50% capacity.

Behind the scenes, there will be strict cleaning schedules. For example, cabins will be cleaned twice a day, and elevators will be cleaned every two hours. There will also be more hand sanitizer stations in public areas.

Watch the video below to learn more about the changes you can expect to see the next time you take a cruise.

Are you planning on booking a cruise after the coronavrius pandemic is over? Do these potential changes make you more likely to want to book a cruise? What other changes do you think cruise lines could make to prevent passengers from getting sick?