Watch Long-Haired Chef Go from Unkempt to Perfectly Polished with This Expert Makeover

Makeovers are not just for women, not in the least. We’ve seen many men who were hesitant to change their look feel so much better when they finally did, and every single time, their wife or girlfriend is amazed at how much younger and just plain better her man looks.

Alex is a chef at a restaurant. He’s 30 years old, and his last two girlfriends dumped him. While 30 is still young, he didn’t feel young anymore.

We understand how 30 is a milestone age. When you’re in your 20s it’s easy to feel like you have your whole life ahead of you and all the time in the world, but something happens when you turn 30.

If you want to get married and settle down someday, it can start to feel like time is slipping away from you if you’re still 30 and single. As Christopher Hopkins, aka The Makeover Guy, tells Alex, he’s still young and he still has time.

Alex didn’t necessarily believe Christopher, but he wanted to feel young again.

Alex hadn’t had his hair cut in about 4 or 5 years. It was long, well past his shoulders. He also had a scraggly beard that he never shaved. Basically, he had let himself go.

Perhaps it’s fate that brought Alex and Christopher together. Alex said,

I found this article that says a haircut can make you feel better, and then I ran into you [Christopher Hopkins] the exact same day, and you’re like “Let’s get a makeover. It’ll make you feel better.”

Alex felt like the timing was perfect, and he was ready to let go of his long locks. After Christopher had fun playing with Alex’s hair and showing him how it would look as bangs or in a ponytail, he got down to the serious work of transforming Alex’s look.

The Makeover Guy has his name for a very good reason. He really is an expert at makeovers. He used Alex’s hairline and hair type to maximize his new look and make him look even younger.

While Alex was happy with his new look, his co-workers hardly recognized him. Their reactions were truly priceless.

Watch the video below to see what Alex looks like post-makeover and to hear all the compliments from his co-workers.

What do you think of Alex’s new look? Do you think the haircut makes him look younger? Do you feel better after you get a haircut?