We all love to gossip about celebrities. But honestly? Some of them can come off pretty toxic. The best Hollywood stars of all are the ones who are wholesome and pure. And at first, not many nice celebrities may come to mind.

However, someone recently posed the question “Who is the LEAST toxic celebrity?” on Reddit, and we can’t help but love a lot of these answers. Here are some of the top answers!

  1. Rick Moranis

    “Moranis retired from acting to raise his two kids after his wife died from cancer. He’s a stand-up guy. “

  2. Dolly Parton

    “I got to spend some time with her friend Kenny Rogers (RIP), and he said that Dolly is exactly the same IRL as you see on TV. It’s not an act. She really is that nice.”

  3. Keanu Reeves

    “He has got to be the most selfless and down-to-earth celebrity out there.”

  4. Gillian Jacobs

    ” Everyone who has met her says she’s the nicest, sweetest person in Hollywood.”

  5. Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

    “Hands down the best choice.”

  6. Danny DeVito

    “I heard about how he and his wife took Mara Wilson under their wing during Matilda and it warmed my soul. Mara’s mom had just passed from breast cancer and they were apparently very helpful. They would take her to dinner and spoil her and just…pretty much the opposite of the relationship they had in the movie.”

  7. Robin Williams

    “I saw a TIL on here not too long ago where he apparently demanded that each film he worked on hired 10 (I think) homeless people to work in the crew. And he’d hang out with them and basically help them feel dignified and get back on their feet. Such a simple, kind act that likely changed hundreds of lives.”

  8. Steve Carrell

    “Seems like a genuinely nice guy. Also you also hear his coworkers speak very dearly of him.”

  9. Ronnie James Dio

    “The man was so kind to his fans. It still blows my mind that he would remember personal details about fans that he’d meet and ask them about it in subsequent interactions. Dio was the best.”

  10. Ashton Kutcher

    “He’s doing a good job against child trafficking.”

  11. Daft Punk

    “They’ve never really been involved in a single scandal. They’re rather private about their personal lives but they seem like lovely people from what he hear from them in interviews.”

  12. Mark Hamill

    “Mark Hamill is a celebrity that I want to meet not because he’s a celebrity or was in something I love. No it’s because by everything I’ve seen he is a damn good dude who is immensely grateful for and kind to his fans.”

  13. “Weird Al” Yankovic

    “A four-decade career with zero scandal allegations, and basically everyone likes him (other than Prince, apparently)? Yeah, I’d say he fits the bill.”

  14. Paul Rudd

    “I’m convinced that’s why he doesn’t age.”

  15. Jack Black

    “He just seems like a great guy through and through.”

  16. Kristen Bell

    “The woman is hands down one of the least toxic celebrities on Instagram. I love that she puts emojis on her kids faces when she posts them to respect their privacy given that kids can’t really consent to being publicized and in some cases, monetized. I love that she puts her children’s childhood first. She’s a wholesome af woman and I would melt into a puddle if I ever met her in real life.”

  17. Betty White

    “I saw an interview where she was talking about her deceased Golden Girls co-stars, and although the interviewer kept trying to make her say bad things about one of the women, who apparently didn’t like Betty, Betty never once took the bait. Only had the kindest things to say. She’s a national treasure.”

  18. Adam Scott

    “He’s amazing guy and the few times I’ve met him he was so down to earth and funny.”

  19. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

    “The Rock seems like a good dude.”

When you think of non-toxic celebrities, who comes to mind?