21 Wholesome Before-and-After Photos That Will Make Your Day Better

When we think of before and after photos, we often think of makeovers. For example, maybe the before photo is of some before getting their hair and makeup done, and the second photo is what they look like afterwards. Or maybe the first photo is of an outdated house and the second photo is the home after being updated.

While the “after” photo often looks better than the “before” photo, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the before photo is of someone before they had wrinkles and gray hair, and the after photo is, well, now. Perhaps the before photo is of a baby, and the after photo is of a child all grown up. In a parent’s eye, that might be a little sad.

The before and after photos we’re about to show you are happy. No tears, unless they’re happy tears. These photos are here to make your day brighter by showing you examples of the best parts of life before and after. Scroll down to see what we mean.

  1. before and after my dog realizes I’m in the room

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