15 of the Most Amazing Christmas Cards That Were Ever Sent Out

Nowadays, it’s not very common for people to actually communicate with each other through the postal service. With social media, email and texting, pretty much any thought, question or picture we want to share with family and friends can be sent digitally; however, there are a few occasions that call for buying a book of stamps.

Many people still send cards in the mail for birthdays, birth announcements, and holidays. We always receive the most cards during the holidays.

You can buy boxes of Christmas cards with fancy paintings on them and poems inside. You can buy individual Christmas cards with personalized messages to your mom, dad or aunt Susan. But it has become more and more common for people to create their own custom Christmas cards.

We’ve all seen the photo Christmas cards covered in family pictures. Everyone’s smiling. Sometimes everyone is wearing matching sweaters. Sometimes kids are perfectly posed on the beach, in the snow or with Santa.

These photo Christmas cards that portray an idealistic image of life have become so common that now there’s actually a new trend where some people are creating hilariously staged family photos. Some of them poke fun at the holiday photo cards trend, and some of them are just plain ridiculous (in a very humorous way).

Scroll down to see some real Christmas cards that people sent. Prepare to LOL.

  1. Return to Santa

    “Last year, my brother’s family Christmas pic was a big hit.”

  2. Creepy Christmas

    “Someone at my fiancee’s Christmas party took a picture of me, decided to make it a Christmas card.”

  3. Sarah & Pizza

    This is a super creative idea by a funny single lady.

  4. Say “Cheese”

    This probably wasn’t even staged. Mom was probably so fed up waiting for everyone to smile that she just took the picture.

  5. Faceplant

    This was a photo taken during a Christmas photo shoot, and the parents used it for their Christmas cards.

  6. Finding Rudolph

    This might actually make a good kids movie.

  7. New Roommate

    If you’ve ever tried to put a cat in a sweater, you know how difficult this photo must have been to stage.

  8. Home Alone

    This is a really great card idea!

  9. Status Update

    Everyone in her family held a sign with their “status.” Hers? Just “Emily.” The photo has gotten over 60,000 retweets.

  10. Come Back…

    There are always children who cry when they sit on Santa’s lap, but this little boy takes it to a new level.

  11. “Ben Gud”

    The parent who sent out this card says, “I try to capture the essence of raising two boys in our Christmas cards.”

  12. Pet Family Photo

    Santa doesn’t look too happy.

  13. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

    “I was driving into work one day and thought, how awesome would it be if I could pull of A Christmas Story picture.” We think she nailed it!

  14. A Little Unusual

    “Our Christmas card was a big hit.” We bet it was!

  15. Photoshop and Celebrities

    He says, “I photoshop myself with celebrities for yearly Christmas Cards.”

Do you send Christmas cards in the mail? Are you brave enough to create a funny card like one of these?