Even if you don’t know him personally (we wish), you know at least a few things about Keanu Reeves. For one thing, the man is one amazing and talented actor, known for his work in movies such as Speed, The Matrix and the John Wick franchise.

But even if you haven’t seen any of his flicks, you’ve likely heard his name before. Why? The man is a total saint! Keanu is consistently making headlines relaying stories about what a nice dude he is—which is not a common thing for actors.

For example, there’s that story about how he adorably gave a 16-year-old movie concession stand worker his autograph (spoiler alert: He bought an ice cream cone just to get a receipt to sign and consequently threw out the ice cream). Plus, how can we forget the time his flight got canceled so he happily took a bus with other stranded passengers?

These are just a fraction of some of the small acts of kindness Keanu has done in the past. There are countless stories like these out there about this actor, and we love them all.

However, truth be told, we don’t really know much else about him. And being the intriguing gentleman he is, we want to know more!

To get us started, here are some basic facts: He’s a Virgo. He’s 55-years-old. He’s from Canada originally. And he currently lives in California.

That’s all well and good, but if you want to know more, we’ve got some pretty cool and interesting facts ahead.

Without further ado, here are 5 things you might not have known previously about Keanu Reeves.

  1. “Keanu” actually has a cool meaning

    Keanu’s first name translates to “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian. He’s of Chinese-Hawaiian heritage on his father’s side, so it only makes sense that his name would derive from Hawaii. No wonder he has such a laid-back kind of attitude—he truly is that refreshing breeze on top of a mountain.

  2. He goes by other names, too

    Even though his name means something cool, Keanu has actually gone by a few other monikers during periods of casting, “K.C. Reeves” being one. Okay, we can kind of understand that one since it sounds similar to his real name. But others include “Chuck Spadina” and “Page Templeton III.” Not quite sure what those mean, but what did we say? He’s an intriguing guy!

  3. He was in a rock band

    Keanu formally played bass guitar in an alternative rock band from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s. The band’s name was Dogstar and was made of various musicians throughout the years: drummer Robert Mailhouse and two guitarists and vocalists Gregg Miller and Bret Domrose.

Like these facts? For two more fun ones about your favorite actor, check out the video below!

You’re welcome. Did you know any of these fun facts about Keanu Reeves? Is there anything else you know about this actor that wasn’t listed here? Which one is your favorite?