Jimmy Fallon Asks People to Share Their Dumbest Family Fights

While there are many times that we get along with our family members really well, everyone fights occasionally. Often, family fights are over dumb things, like putting socks in the hamper or clearing the table. Sometimes they are over really dumb things. When Jimmy Fallon asked American to share their dumbest family fights, he must have known there were going to be a lot of hilarious responses.

Here are just a few Jimmy’s favorite #DumbestFamilyFights tweets.

But wait, there’s more. Obviously, Jimmy could only share a few of the #DumbestFamilyFights tweets on the live broadcast of The Tonight Show, but there were many, many more great responses. Scroll down to see some of our personal favorites.

  1. Best Game Show

  2. Donny Osmond

  3. Which Leg First?

  4. Birthday

  5. Best Artist

  6. The Remote

  7. It Was a Dream

  8. Harrison Ford

  9. The Ceiling Fan

  10. Peanut Butter and Jelly

    Have you ever fought with your family about something completely ridiculous? What was it?