Are you stuck at home with your kids in the middle of a pandemic and attempting to keep them entertained but are going crazy? Same! Weird how so many of us are in that boat.

In all seriousness, the coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc on numerous families’ lives. With the kids out of school and daycares closed for the unforeseeable future, most moms and dads have no choice but to try and keep their children active at home.

But that can be a lot on top of a job, keeping the house clean, and, oh yeah, your sanity. After you bake all the cookies, finish all the puzzles and take your 87th walk outside of the way, what else is there to do?

Actually, we discovered one pretty cool project that you can do during your quarantine. It’s perfect for the next time you want to tear your hair out of you head!

Tara Guzman, a mom of three boys and owner of the blog, decided to take handprint art to the next level.


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Sure, there isn’t anything super innovative about dipping your hand in paint and plastering it onto a piece of paper or pottery. But there is something innovative about doing it right now, while we’re in the middle of history.

If you want to forget that COVID-19 ever existed, we totally get that. (Boy, do we get that!) But hear her out for a second.

“People all over are trying to do the same things. We’ve all seen the handprint art projects on Pinterest that have various themes depending on the holiday or time of year. Well, now people are doing handprint art to remember what this time was like for their families,” Tara wrote in her blog.

While parents might be feeling the stress, you have to remember what life looks like from your child’s eyes. This might be a special time they always remember. After all, they get to spend all day, every day with their heroes: their parents.

The handprint art Tara is suggesting is everyone in the family tracing their handprint, cutting it out, and placing it atop one another, resembling how, even though these are unprecedented times, the family can always remember their times together.

Tara shared a few of the handprints related to the outbreak that she’s seen, some with quotes on them like, “When the world stayed apart, this was my favourite place to be” or “During a moment of time in which the World needed everyone to stay apart…We stayed in together.”

Cue the awwws.

“While this is a trying time for all of us, it’s nice to see that families can look back on this time and remember what they did during this time of togetherness,” Tara says.

We totally agree.

The best part is that the handprint art is super easy to make. It’s something that will not only occupy your child, but something that will hold memories near and dear to your heart for years to come.

For directions on how to make your very own family keepsake, check out Tara’s post here.

Do you think you’ll make this handprint art with your family? What kinds of activities have you been doing to keep your kids entertained?