Alex Trebek lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on November 8, 2020, just 10 days after he had been in the studio filming episodes of Jeopardy. The show currently has enough episodes filmed with Trebek as the host to last until Christmas day, December 25, but nobody knew for sure what would happen next.

Earlier this year, it had been announced that Ken Jennings, the reigning Jeopardy champion, would be joining the show. Although it was speculated that he might be Trebek’s unofficial replacement, nobody knew for sure.

Now, Jeopardy has announced that they will be filming new episodes of the show, and Ken Jennings will be hosting.

This news still does not mean that Jennings will be Trebek’s official replacement. Watch the video below for more details.

Many viewers seem to feel that Jennings is the logical replacement for Trebek, but they acknowledge that “he has some big shoes to fill.”

One comment reads, “He’s got some really really big shoes to fill.. may the force be with you ken Jennings.”

Another viewer wrote, “Logical choice for the first interim guest host. I’ll bet the show sees a ratings boost out of respect and interest.”

Some viewers worry Jennings might have trouble adjusting to the new role on the show of host instead of contestant. “Excellent choice. The only problem is that I’m worried he might play and answer questions as a contestant instead of hosting. Ken Jennings you have big shoes to fill.”

Do you think Jennings is the right choice to host Jeopardy? Who do you think the other interim hosts will be?