Are you a fan of the show Jeopardy? When we watch this show, we often find ourselves wondering how the contestants could possibly know some of these answers.

If memorizing trivia is your thing, it’s possible to turn this random knowledge into real money. The top contestants on Jeopardy have earned millions of dollars.

Host Alex Trebek is currently battling cancer, but that hasn’t stopped him from working. In fact, he recently hosted the ultimate Jeopardy battle where the three greatest winners competed against each other to officially become the GOAT – Greatest of All Time.

The contestants in the GOAT battle were James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Watch the video below to hear their thoughts on competing against each other and how they prepared for the ultimate competition.


Nobody knew who was going to win this ultimate battle. All of the contestants were real contenders. Holzhauer is a professional gambler. Rutter is a game show professional. Jennings, a software engineer who switched careers to become an author, has appeared on Jeopardy more times than any other contestant, starting 15 years ago. 

With the GOAT battle over, we finally know who the greatest contestant really is – Ken Jennings. He won a remarkable $1 million, bringing his lifetime earnings from the show to a total of $4,370,700. Wow. 

Watch the video below for more on this exciting news.

The losers seem to be in good spirits and excited for Jennings.

We’re sure Jennings is happy about his win, but on Twitter, he’s turning the spotlight back on Trebek.

Are you surprised that Ken Jennings won the GOAT battle? Are you good at answering trivia questions?