Ever since Alex Trebek shocked America with the news that he had been diagnosed with cancer, fans of Jeopardy probably wondered what would happen to the show.

Trebek surprised everyone again by continuing to host the famous game show despite his diagnosis and his cancer treatments. According to his wife, he loves hosting the show.

Yet, times change, and although Trebek is not stepping down as Jeopardy host, he is also not going to be hosting the show alone. Ken Jennings is going to be joining the Jeopardy team.

We don’t know exactly how Trebek and Jennings will balance their duties on the show, but Jennings is going to be quite a large part, announcing entire categories of questions, yet, Trebek will still be the host of the show.

In case you’re not familiar with Jennings, he is the highest-earning game show contestant in America ever. He has been on Jeopardy numerous times, and besides being super smart, he also has a winning personality and a great sense of humor. Fans love him, and adding him to the show can not be anything but a good move.

Perhaps Jennings will fly solo as the show’s host one day when Trebek decides he wants to retire, but for now, we’re excited to see the duo on stage together.

Fans seem to be excited about Jennings new gig as part of the show instead of as a contestant.

Do you think Jennings joining the Jeopardy family is a good idea? Do you think he is being groomed to replace Trebek one day?