Neither Gender Suited Them, So Now They Ask to be Identified as ‘Alien’

Some people are born a girl and stay a girl, some are born a boy and stay a boy. But transgender people might be born a boy and feel like a girl or a girl and feel like a boy. These days, most people have become accepting of it all.

Well, almost it all.

Jareth Nebula from Edmonds, Washington was a born female, but later in life decided to transition into being a man. He just always felt like something was off. But even after going through the process of being male, he still felt like there was something missing.

At 29 years old, Jareth realized that it wasn’t a gender issue—it was a species issue. He didn’t feel neither female or male, but not human at all. Jareth has since self-classified as an “agender alien.”

“After coming out as transgender and believing I had finally found myself, I realized I was wrong. I wasn’t male or female, or even human,” Jareth said. “I don’t think or feel like humans. I can’t really explain it to others. I’m simply otherworldly. I didn’t feel comfortable as either gender or even anything in between. I know I’m stuck in a human form and that’s how I’m perceived by others—but to me, I’m an alien with no gender.”

Since discovering Jareth was more alien like, he has had his nipples removed and shaves his eyebrows and upper lip in order to feel less human. Jareth has also gotten 78 stars tattooed across his body.

“I thought being a trans man would solve all of my issues and inner battles with finding out who I was, but I wasn’t as happy as I expected to be,” they said. “I felt like I was trying to fit into someone else’s box. I didn’t want to be constrained—that’s when I discovered what agender was. I’d always been obsessed with aliens, too, and what it means to be extraterrestrial, so the idea of being an agender alien fit perfectly as an identity for me.”

Jareth’s family supports him, but he says people who don’t know him are quick to judge. “Not everyone understands – but that’s okay. I don’t expect them to get it, I only want acceptance,” he says.

Have you ever heard of agender aliens before or know anyone who identifies like this?