HGTV Star Shares Her $15 Technique for Making Hula Hoop Shelves

Do you ever get lost in HGTV shows and wonder why your home doesn’t look as beautiful as some of the homes shown on the shows? Most of the time, it has to do with how much money home upgrades can cost. You might Google how to give your bathroom an upgrade, but then realize you could never afford it.

The truth is, home upgrades don’t have to be expensive. They don’t even have to be difficult. And Jasmine Roth, star of HGTV show “Help! I Wrecked My House” proves that. She joined Justin Sylvester and Karamo on E! for an easy, DIY shelf project that you won’t believe could ever look so good.

The shelves Roth creates have a circular design, similar to the high-end metal shelves you see all over Pinterest. But the best part is they cost just a fraction of the price to make yourself.

The secret? Using hula hoops!

“Would you ever have believed that this is two hula hoops? Looks like metal, right?” Roth asks on the show, referring to a beautiful shelf she made for a client.

The shelves are perfect for any room—living room, kitchen, bathroom, even a baby’s room. And they’re so darn cute! And you can match any color scheme you’d like .The one she did was pink for a baby’s nursery, but you can do black, white, even gold or silver for a high-end look.

Another awesome feature about making a shelf out of something like a hula hoop is that the shelf is super lightweight, making it much easier to hang than something you’d pay up the ante for.

To make the hula hoop shelves, all you need are two pieces of wood, a drill, some screws and a hula hoop. You’ll want to paint the hula hoop before attaching it to the wood, so color isn’t so important if you just have a random one hanging around the house.

“DIY is all about finding things in your house and making them into something else, and that’s the fun of it,” Roth says.

Roth also uses rope to decorate the sides her shelves, but you can really use anything you’d like. Get creative—that’s half the fun! The other fun part? How inexpensive the whole project comes out to, which Roth says is only about $15.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hula hoop shelf on! Watch Roth in action in the E! News segment below.

Are you big into DIY projects? Do you think you’ll try your hand at making these hula hoop shelves?