On chilly winter nights, there’s nothing we love more than cozying up to a warm fire, watching a good movie and sipping a cup of hot chocolate. We thought we already knew a lot of fancy ways to prepare hot chocolate, but this year, there’s something new.

Our world changed when we saw a video showing the magic of a hot chocolate bomb. It’s basically a round ball about the shape of a bath bomb, but you wouldn’t want to put this in your bathtub. A hot chocolate bomb is a chocolate ball that’s filled with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows.

What makes a hot chocolate bomb so magical is watching it explode inside your cup. You simply put the ball in your cup, pour hot water or hot milk over it and wait for it to explode open revealing the powder and marshmallows. Sure, kids love it, but as adults, we’re pretty obsessed with them too.

The only problem is store bought hot chocolate bombs are kind of expensive, and in order to make them yourself at home, you would need to own a silicone mold to shape the bombs….or would you?

Do It on a Dime is here to show us just how easy it is to make our own hot chocolate bombs without buying any fancy kitchen tools like a silicone mold. You can easily make each hot chocolate bomb for about $1 each, and you can customize them with whatever type of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows you like best. We think some sprinkles hidden inside could be fun too!

Watch the video below to see just how easy and inexpensive it can be to make DIY hot chocolate bombs.

Several viewers have pointed out in the comments that they would make one major change to the step by step process demonstrated in the video above. Instead of putting the Kinderjoy egg in the microwave, they would heat up the chocolate in a microwave save container and pour it inside the egg since the egg is most likely not microwave safe.

Our kids love Kinderjoy eggs, so we’re sure they won’t mind that now we have to go buy one to use as a chocolate bomb mold, but we will probably heat up the chocolate in a separate container and pour it into the egg-shaped mold instead of heating up the chocolate in the egg.

These DIY hot chocolate bombs would be great homemade gifts for family and friends, and our kids could even help make them. We love the advent calendar idea too. Are you going to try this hot chocolate bomb idea?