As the weather cools down and the sun sets earlier each night, our taste buds start to turn from a craving for pumpkin spice anything to a craving for hot chocolate. 

Sure, pumpkin spice has its place, and we know it’s not even Halloween yet, but hot chocolate is special. It’s chocolate, after all, and sipped on a cool fall or winter evening, it is perfection.

Until now, you’ve probably made hot chocolate one of a couple different ways. You might make it from scratch (cocoa power, sugar, etc) or you might buy packets of mix from a store. Whether you like to make it yourself or buy it ready to go, we’ve discovered a magical new way to enjoy hot chocolate.

Allow us to introduce you to hot chocolate bombs. 

In a video on Twitter, someone drops what looks like a chocolate bath bomb inside a cup. Then, she proceeds to pour what looks like hot milk right on top of the chocolate bomb. She keeps pouring until the cup is full, and as she pours, we realize that the chocolate is melting away from the bomb making the milk look more and more like hot chocolate.

Then, something magical happens. We don’t want to give it away because the surprise, awe and wonder of it all is worth waiting for. Watch the video below to find out what makes these hot chocolate bombs so magical.

How many times did you watch this video in a row? The first time we saw it, we definitely watched it more than once. The marshmallows spilling out get us every time, and we’re not the only ones. Viewers on Twitter are asking why oh why they can’t stop watching this video.

Many other tweets ask where we can buy these magical hot chocolate bombs, and while some comments imply that you have to make them yourself (there are plenty of recipes out there), other comments reveal that many people are actually selling them on Etsy.

A quick peek at Etsy reveals a pretty endless list of hot chocolate bomb options, and they all sound pretty spectacular. For example, this description sounds perfect:

“Place the Hot Chocolate Bomb (52mm dia.) in a glass or mug, and enjoy the theatre when you pour in hot milk: as the chocolate melts, silky mini marshmallows will float to the surface, creating an absolutely delicious and decadent drink.”

If you would like to try making hot chocolate drink bombs, there are many recipes out there. The only unusual item you will need is a silicone sphere mold to get the right shape. Otherwise, the basic ingredients are chocolate, mini marshmallows, milk and your favorite hot chocolate powder.

Are you going to try making these hot chocolate bombs, or are you going to buy some from Etsy?