How to Clean Your Bathtub With Your Power Drill

If you have hard water in your home you probably know that hard water stains can be particularly difficult to clean. That’s one reason we don’t enjoy cleaning the bathroom.

There’s nothing worse than scrubbing and scrubbing only to have whatever you’re scrubbing still look stained and dirty. It can feel like all of that hard work and elbow grease was for nothing. That’s why we’re here to share tips and tricks to make clearing so much easier.

If you have hard water, you’ll definitely want to check out a few tips we’ve already shared about how to clean the inside of your toilet bowl and the bottom of the faucet in your sink. Both of those hacks use items you probably already have in your home or can easily find on your next shopping trip.

Now, we’ve learned another hard water cleaning hack, but this one involves an item you can order from Amazon. It’s a brush attachment for your power drill. That’s right; you can turn your drill into a super-powered cleaning machine.

TikTok user Brandie Barber shared that she has a really hard time cleaning the hard water stains off of her white bathtub. We love that she shared what it looked like before she started cleaning it because the before shot is so very relatable.

Barber also showed us how much elbow grease it takes to scrub the hard water stains off of the bathtub. While it’s possible to do by hand, it certainly looks like it would take a long time.

Then, Barber showed us what happens when she uses the scrubbing brush attachment for her drill. The hard water stains disappear like magic. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

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While some TikTok users who watched this video recommend filters to remove hard water or looking into a getting a water softener, that does not change the fact that the tub already has hard water stains that need to be removed. 

Some TikTok users shared that they were really impressed with this drill hack. One person wrote, “This is a game changer! Thank you for sharing.”

Another comment reads, “We bought a house and the bathtub is very stained and this will save me hours!!”

Do you have hard water? Are you going to try this drill brush hack?