It’s always interesting to hear stories of how couples meet each other especially when the relationship becomes long term. Nowadays, a lot of relationships start online, but there are still many stories of couples meeting each other at work, being introduced by friends, or randomly meeting each other at an event or while going about their daily life.

Sometimes the way couples meet each other is surprising. Back in 2020 on the talk show “The View,” the women of “The View” opened up about how they met each other. For example, co-host Meghan McCain talked about meeting her husband, Ben Domenech, on Twitter. She explained that people think it’s “weird” that they met on Twitter, but she doesn’t since meeting online has become so common.

McCain explained that another reason she doesn’t think it’s weird to meet on Twitter is because they both had verified Twitter accounts. She said, “We both had blue check marks, which made it easier. So, it wasn’t so weird.” She added, If you slid in my DMs and didn’t have a blue check mark, I wouldn’t respond. But he had one so it was fine.”

Okay, so maybe meeting on Twitter isn’t weird, but what about meeting at a nudist colony? Joy Behar admitted that she met her husband, Steve Janowitz, at a “semi-nudist colony.” Behar made it clear that she first time she saw the man that would become her husband he was completely naked but she was fully dressed. Behar joked, “For a man to see me naked I have to be in his will.”

Behar said that Janowitz was far away the first time she saw him, but later that night, she saw him again at a movie. This time he was dressed, but she remembered him from earlier. 

It didn’t take long after meeting Janowitz for the two of them to get physical. McCain, clearly having heard this story before, said that Behar and Janowitz “hooked up immediately.” That might be an exaggeration but not by much. In a previous episode of The View, Behar said that the two of them only waited “two hours” to have sex.

Watch the video below to learn more about Behar’s relationship with her husband.

Does it surprise you that Behar met her husband at a nudist colony? Why do you think Behar and Janowitz waited so many years to get married? Do you think it’s as simple as fear of commitment?