25 Tweets from Parents That Show How Well “Homeschooling” Is Going Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, most schools are out of commission until further notice around the country. And while that’s a good thing in keeping everyone safe, it’s not so great for parents who haven’t had to use long division in years. In other words? They’re struggling.

Parents took to Twitter to preach about just how hard it can be to homeschool your children—especially if they’re trying to work from home on top of it. If you have your child home with you, we’re sure you can relate to these 25 hilarious (and relatable) tweets about how it’s going.

  1. Wine is necessary

    And yelling. If you don’t yell are they even learning?

  2. There are 4 basics

    Did we miss anything?

  3. Spirit week still happens

    But it’s the same every day!

  4. There’s no sense of time

    It’s completely out the window at this point.

  5. Math is super important

    We totally know what we’re doing.

  6. The lunch menu is vast

    Especially on Cheeto Fridays.

  7. It’s everyone’s best-kept secret

    Even the perfect moms are over it.

  8. Failing is way worse at hom

    The ramifications will be huge.

  9. The dog still eats the homework

    Except you volunteer it up yourself.

  10. There’s no dress code

    …or seasons, either.

  11. There are quite a bit of distractions


  12. There’s one goal

    No more pandemics, ever, please.

  13. The kids aren’t the one throwing the fits

    It’s you, teacher.

  14. Sick days are a bit confusing

    Now what?

  15. Subjects are a bit different

    The favorites are ice cream and video games.

  16. There are rules about alcohol consumption

    But we think they need some amending.

  17. Don’t worry, there IS learning involved

    Just not necessarily the traditional kind.

  18. You may forget about your pet

    This stuff is time consuming, okay?

  19. You really learn a lot about the students

    Thought we taught him better than that…

  20. Fun days are every day

    See? The kid isn’t missing out at all.

  21. It’s a learning experience for everyone involved

    No wonder teachers require certifications.

  22. They really do learn

    Spelling, especially!

  23. Fire drills are still a thing

    In every sense of the word.

  24. There may be some yelling

    Not from your kid, though.

  25. It’s harder than you thought

    All. Hail. Teachers.

Are you homeschooling your kids right now? Let us know how it’s going!