30 ‘Funny’ Pictures of Parents Stuck In Quarantine With Their Kids

The country is on quarantine, and if you don’t have kids, maybe you’re bored. Maybe you’re putting together puzzles and deep cleaning your house. Maybe you’ve binge watched everything on every streaming service. Maybe you won’t be able to relate to what we’re about to show you. Lucky you.

Many people are finding themselves quarantined with their kids. Sure, we love our kids, but working from home while figuring out this distance learning thing and trying to maintain our sanity is another story. Parents across the country have been sharing their stories and experiences of life in lockdown with kids.

Scroll down to see what life is like when you and your kids can’t leave the house. As parents, we have to laugh because there is a lot of truth here. If you don’t have kids in your house, scroll down to see what you’re missing.

  1. Who Left Out the Paint?

  2. The Struggle Is Real

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    Can any parents out there relate? #FML #impossible #corona #ihateyou #sendhelp #parentsofinstagram #quarantineparenting

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  3. So. Many. Messes

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    working from home going really good, yeah, yup. you? || #threeshampooslater #stillsmellslikesoup #quarantineparenting

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  4. Eating Off the Floor? Why Not.

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  5. Been There

  6. Let Us In!

    Working from home just got real.

  7. Desperate Times…

  8. Every Day Is Take Your Child to Work Day

  9. Working with Spiderman

  10. Working Out at Home

  11. Quarantine Schedule

  12. Quarantine Schooling First Day Picture

  13. Did the Couch Need Its Teeth Brushed?

  14. It Has to Be Hard to Concentrate Like This

  15. “Save Me From My Kids”

  16. Tolerance Level

  17. Wedding Dress? Why Not?

  18. Who Says the Parents Have to Be the Teachers?

  19. “Do Not Enter”

  20. “Closed”

  21. Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

  22. Whatever It Takes

  23. “Over It”

  24. It’ll Wash Off, Right?

  25. Baby’s First Pandemic

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    Tyler is celebrating a lot of firsts this year. Never thought this would be one.

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  26. Pancakes for the Win

  27. Hair Dyeing Time

  28. Yoga with Toddlers

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    I mean, listen, if doing yoga with toddlers isn’t living the dream, I don’t know what is. I would personally like to thank Littlewoods for her perfect execution of upward dog on my backside because hey, I didn’t know I needed that in my practice. I would also like to thank Kidwoods for toddler-splaining yoga to me and my husband for falling over laughing while taking these pictures. I will brag for a moment here: I’ve done a lot of yoga in a lot of joints with a lot of teachers over the years and I’ve never–until today–done bowl pose with a two-year-old on my back. Isolation is expanding all sorts of horizons over here. I would like to thank @cosmickidsyoga for their amazing videos. I owe them a very large % of my sanity and gratitude. #pandemicparenting #kidsyoga #toddlerlife

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    We miss the gym too…and their free childcare.

  29. So Much for the Extra Toilet Paper and Pasta

  30. Playing “Zoo” with the Kids