Homeschooling your kids might be a great option for you, but a lot more goes into it than you may be prepared for. However, there are free resources all around that may be available to you. Take a look at some examples:

Use the Library

While free books are sure to be helpful when teaching at home, you could find more helpful tools, other than books, at your local library:

Our library has Rosetta Stone foreign language curriculum for check out, and they have a link for Mango languages on their website. Mango is a free service for learning a foreign language requiring nothing but a library card number. Many libraries also have music, art, and videos for check out. Ask your librarian what resources they might have for teachers or homeschoolers.

Use the Internet

You could easily homeschool for free with some free resources that you’ll find online. For free curriculum, ebooks, lapbooks, printable worksheet or educational apps, check out some of the following sites:

Trade of Barter Services

Feel comfortable teaching some subjects, but perhaps not others? Try trading services with others who are more qualified:

Lorene left an engineering career when she had her first child. She teaches algebra for moms that feel unqualified to do so in exchange for other services. Holly, an accomplished artist, teaches art to homeschoolers. Mike hosts a chess club in his home. Want your child to learn a foreign language, but the cost of the curriculum is prohibitive? Ask at your support group meeting if someone there would be willing to teach your child in exchange for something you can do – even if it’s just baking them bread.

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