If you’ve ever made a cheese and charcuterie board before, you’ve probably prepared by buying loads of cheese, crackers, and accouterments. But these days, charcuterie boards are so much more than, well, charcuterie. From gingerbread chalets to breakfast boards and more, the traditional grazing board has gone above and beyond the standard.

That said, if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your holiday appetizers, boy, has the Internet got an idea for you (especially if you like sweets)! Introducing the hot chocolate “charcuterie” board—the latest trend that is truly getting us in the holiday spirit in an otherwise drab year (and one you may be spending in pajamas on the couch).

The hot chocolate board follows the same principles as a cheese and meat board, except it’s made with all things to up the ante on a hot chocolate.

The rules are…well, there aren’t any! As long as it would taste good in a hot chocolate beverage, it can go on the board. In fact, boards people have been making vary immensely—whether it’s a simple chocolate and marshmallow board or ones that include candy, mugs and spoons, you really can’t do any wrong. Only right. Very right.

A hot chocolate board is the perfect creation to put out for guests who want to keep cozy or just for you and your immediate family to enjoy. Plus, while some of them may look complicated, they’re actually pretty simple to make.

Here’s a jolly Christmas-themed board:

And for those who celebrate Hanukkah, you can make a hot chocolate board just as well:

And for your viewing pleasure (and taste buds), here are some of our other favorite hot chocolate boards, to show you that it doesn’t even need to be seasonal!


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So go ahead, get your hot chocolate charcuterie board on!

How gorgeous are these hot chocolate boards? Which one is your favorite? What’s your favorite way to enjoy hot chocolate? Will you be making one of these for the holidays (or just a Friday night in), or are you more of a cheese person?