There are few things better than creamy cheese drizzled over crunchy tortilla chips with bacon, onions, peppers, you know, the works. Nachos are pretty much life, whether you’re spending the night in watching movies or making them in the microwave for a snack after a night out.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the main ingredient that really brings the nacho to a whole new level is avocado. Whether it’s chopped into chunks on top of the nachos or turned into guacamole for dipping, avocado really heightens the drool-worthiness of your nacho.

Okay, so this isn’t surprising. And one genius company called by Daily Dairy Holland was well aware of this fact. So much so that they decided that instead of having nacho lovers have to do all the work of adding the cheese AND the avocado to their snack, why not just combine the two?

And so here we are, in a world where we can now purchase guacamole-flavored cheese. It’s the best time to be alive, am I rite?

The new guacamole-flavored cheese making headlines is a 50% full fat cow milk Dutch cheese that has avocado and herbs such as chili, lime juice, onion, tomato, and garlic mixed in.

The cheese is an eye-catching green in color and has the texture of gouda cheese, but the flavor of avocado with spices and it’s literally the most insane topping for any nacho. One rep for the store described the cheese as having “a smooth texture and rich creamy guacamole taste.”

Guacamole-flavored cheese is available in both wheels and pieces at The Fresh Market, a natural foods grocery store as of May 1. It’ll run you $24.99 per pound.

The real question is how the heck do they get the guacamole actually inside the cheese? “Avocado puree is added right before they [Daily Dairy cheesemakers] press the cheese curd into shape to keep the puree as fresh as possible,” says Fresh Market dietician Meghan Flynn.

The cheese is part Daily Dairy’s line of specialty Amanti cow’s milk cheeses that are all infused with different herbs, sauces and spices. Some of their other must-try flavors of cheese include their red pesto, cumin, black pepper and olive (though they’re not as vibrant in color as their guacamole variety).

The guac cheese is only available for a limited time—it’s really only so that you can get your Cinco de Mayo celebrations on in a unique way—so you better hurry in to your local Fresh Market if you want to try this delicacy out.

The Fresh Market is a North Carolina-based chain with 161 locations in 22 states, so to find a Fresh Market near you, check out the store locator. And to learn more about the ambitious cheese company, check out their website here.

We can’t wait to try out this cheese! What do you think—are you a guacamole and cheese fan? Are you going to give this cheese a go? Would you ever think to combine the two flavors into a block of cheese?