Remember when people made cheese/charcuterie boards for the holidays? From gouda to brie, crackers to baguettes, salami to prosciutto, fig jam to olives, and all the accouterments in between, there’s nothing quite as good as a spread like this.

Well, except when it’s made into a literal cheese and charcuterie homes.

That’s right, the standard charcuterie boards were SO 2019. These days, we’re combining the magic of gingerbread houses with mouth-watering spreads to bring you: The gingerbread cheese chalet.

It’s a trend floating around Pinterest and Instagram, and it’s one that we can DEFINITELY get around. Sure, it might take a bit longer to construct your chalet vs. a static board, but we all have a bit of extra time at home right now don’t we?

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at some of these amazing (and mouthwatering) cheese homes for inspiration for your own!

  1. This Home With a Salami Roof

  2. This Meaty Pad

  3. This Brie-utiful Building

  4. This Delicious Palace

  5. This Almond-Lovers Chalet

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  6.  This Fromage Cottage

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  7.  This Cozy Christmas Charcuterie Cabin

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  8. This Tiny, Tasty Home

  9.  This Home With an Olive Walkaway

  10.  This Dreamy, Cheesy Haven

How amazing are these cheese and charcuterie chalets? Are you going to try and make one this holiday season?