Master hair stylist Christopher Hopkins, A.K.A. The Makeover Guy is known for giving mind-blowing new looks to his roster of happy clients. And while it’s no secret that many come from far and wide to take part in his coveted appointments, today’s video shows something truly astounding—a woman who has trekked an incredible 4,000 MILES for her new ‘doo!

Now, we know that traveling to a different continent for a makeover may sound a bit indulgent, but the subject of today’s transformation, Melanie, has her reasons for making the trip from her home in England to Christopher Hopkins’ salon in Minnesota.

You see, the client’s mother had left her a bit of money, and although she admits her late mom was quite frugal, Melanie had a feeling that she would have supported her daughter’s mission to get the makeover.

While we were initially shocked by Melanie’s travel itinerary, we do understand it. After all, the confidence one gets after a great haircut certainly feels like a million bucks, so why not do it if you can?

A lesson in dressing

Before the beautiful Brit’s locks get the full treatment, Melanie first completes a consultation with the salon’s resident clothing stylist, Joann. It’s obvious that this glamorous lady isn’t just a faceless employee—her solid expertise about dressing for body shape reveals that she has had an incredible amount of experience clothing all kinds of women.

And if Joann looks familiar to you, it’s probably because she is the mother to none other than the salon’s illustrious owner—The Makeover Guy. Talk about a great family business!

During the clothing consultation, the stylist drops some pretty helpful knowledge on Melanie. You see, the client has a pear-shaped body type, meaning most of her weight is distributed in her lower-half. Joann tells the woman that it’s best she stays away from pants or skirts that “peg in” at the bottom.

Instead, Melanie should focus on donning classic, straight-leg silhouettes, paired with form-fitting tops that hug the waist. In terms of accessories, Joann touts placing embellishments “up top”—in other words, ornate earrings and necklaces are the way to go!

A bold, blonde makeover

“You’re in America, let’s make you look American,” Hopkins declares, as he examines Melanie’s locks. Earlier on the stylist reveals to his client that he has very high hopes for this particular makeover. He thinks that, with his help, she can look “stunning, model beautiful.” It goes without saying that she looks VERY excited!

As far as the color is concerned, Hopkins settles on an absolutely exquisite blonde. What we love about this particular shade is that it literally looks like Melanie was born with it—no cheesy bleach blonde locks here!

And, for the cut, Hopkins sticks to a medium-length style with voluminous layers that frame her face beautifully.

What a process! Who knew that a makeover had so many components?! Now that you know a bit about how the good folks at Hopkins’ salon achieve their stunning results, it’s time for you to witness Melanie’s fabulous journey. Just click on the video below to see if her trip from across the pond was worth it!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this video. Do you like Melanie’s new look? Would you have done anything differently, if you were her stylist? What is the farthest length you have traveled for a makeover?